area 108 | Mexico City

architect: Architects Collective + at 103

location: Mexico City

year: 2008

“La Condesa” a Trendy Mexico City neighborhood of engaging contrasts, has exploded remarkably in the last few years. Home not only to new restaurants, bars, galleries and cafes but also to new edifications that blend with the ones form the 40´s, generating an atmosphere that clearly reflects architects attempts to provide a new reading of the place. Such is the case of “La Panaderia” an emblematic space of “La Condesa”, once a European bakery later an alternative art gallery located at the ground level of an old dwelling building.
On top of this old structure a new one is proposed differentiating itself through shape, this new apartment resembles a nomad shelter which sits on top of a moonlit; Its users may vary and will occupy the space at different periods making it work as a transitory space, all floor material will be “Santo Tomas” marble the same being use at the city metro station, airports, and most of the infraestructure public space in the city. The roof is treated as a continuous surface and will become the facade: a folded cover that will appropriate of the homogenous surrounding context. Made out of large sheets of beach glass resin: A solid surface material with unobtrusive joints yet capable of generate endless coordinated surfaces. The horizontal plane is deformed according to the analysis of the existent structure and house circulations, which distribute the user’s private and public domains while defining visual permeability. Folding and cutting the conceptual surface establish the program; roof terrace and interior spaces are defined by the manipulation of the plan. Interior distribution works on two bands incorporating the required program: access, living room and kitchen on the public band; main room on the private one. The terrace works as a surrounding space accessible from all rooms, working as an in-between space for the hose and the city.

Founded with the clear intention to investigate and create new techniques for architecture in the contemporary city, a multidisciplinary group shares a need for integration among the capacities of logistics and the multiplicity of knowledge. Each member contributes within its particular field of experience together with its dedicated commitment for innovation. The focus is placed on the relationship between the various spaces and their changeability over time rather than in the spaces themselves.
Architects Collective was created to develop and realize visionare and design out of the dynamic relationship between architecture, technology and urbanism. By merging the experience of three partners, Architects Collective is able to accomodate a range of projects from small innovative buildings and design sto developing and orchestratine large complex structutes.