area 101 | álvaro siza

architect: Álvaro Siza

location: Palma de Majorca, Spain

year: 20022007

This is a villa by the sea, on the isle of Majorca, right in the middle of a pine forest in  Palma itself. It is in fact three separate buildings plus their adjoining services. The first building is the owner’s house, the second is a guest house and the third one is for a caretaker. Access is gained on the upper side of the plot, where a sort of platform leads to the buildings’ main entrance. This plan follows the natural contours of the land, determining the horizontal direction of the structure and the volumes’ layout. The main structures have rather modest dimensions and are quite formal. Their sculptural character is highlighted by angles featuring the land’s curvature, allowing a near-natural integration with the surrounding landscape. Siza’s new approach to the concept of private housing can be noticed in the perfect way these buildings are connected and arranged.

progetto: 2002-2004
costruzione: 2004-2007
programma: casa vacanza
area: 3587 mq
superficie: 574.57 mq
superficie costruita: 707.27 mq
architetto: Álvaro Siza
coordinamento progetto: Atsushi Ueno
coordinamento progetto a Mallorca: Rafel Moranta, Miquel Capllonch
strutture: GOP - Jorge Silva, Raquel Dias
impianto idrico: GOP - Raquel Fernandes
sistema elettrico: GOP - Alexandre Martins, Raul Serafim, Fernando Aires
impianto di riscaldamento: GET - Raul Bessa
acustica: Higini Arau
fotografie: Duccio Malagamba