architect: WAO - Wilde Architecture Object

location: Poitiers

year: 2019


Designed by the French studio WAO - Wilde Architecture Object, this installation is part of an amusement park that is based on multimedia and immersive experiences.

Composed of a floating circular ring stretching 40m in diameter, connecting five inflatable buoys of 10 m in diameter equipped with trampolines, the installation offers new sequences of paths:  walking on water, walking all the way around, venturing onto mesh walkways to reach the center of the buoys and trampolines, jumping and bouncing. Five floating bubbles connected by a 200m long circular path, show their idea of playing on the water. The designers state:

"The magic of water, the unpredictability of movements and the joy of moving around create powerful moments in which weightlessness mixes with euphoria and amazement".