architect: 6717 Studio

location: Vietnam

year: 2018

The Lien Thong house, where the young family (including the newlyweds and their children) who commissioned this project from Vietnamese studio 6717 Studio lives, has been designed with a contemporary language in which a pure white volume is interrupted by large square openings that frame the surrounding urban landscape. Thanks to a reinforced concrete structure, the designers were able to create many open spaces where you can sit and relax; a long bench placed in the living room and the steps of the staircase in the center of the house, for example, make this space a community place and one that is totally open and adaptable to every need of the family. In fact, the house is designed without any definable limit between the internal and external domestic spaces, so that the parent can watch their children while carrying out their daily activities. This is why the house was named Lien Thong.