area 119 | gaetano pesce

architect: Gaetano Pesce

year: 2003

La Smorfia (the grimace)
Italy is the one region in Europe whose sole natural resource is the creativity of its inhabitants. Today this wealth is mainly expressed through cooking, fashion and the “design” of the objects associated with these two sectors. Those who appear impervious to an understanding of this wealth have been, and still are, local administrators and politicians. If the government were to efficiently aid creativity and research, the country would benefit in economic and cultural terms. The prestige of products “Made in Italy” is largely due to the curiosity of Italian businessmen. Their commitment is on the wane today. Many creative persons as for instance architects express themselves within the traditional limits of the form. But the culture of objects and architecture have become mature expressions that contribute to testify the essence of our time. This means, in general, less fashion and style but more freshness in our technical, commercial and expressive processes and use of materials. Less nostalgia and an indiscriminate respect for History, and more confidence in and curiosity for the future. Otherwise our life may become duller due to repetitiveness, monotony and a lack of novelty. Just now it is raining in our world. But the sun will soon shine again.

Gaetano Pesce February 2003