area 119 | gaetano pesce

architect: Gaetano Pesce

year: 2011

“For more than two years we are going through a severe economic times, but not as much as you hear. Many fearful, or lovers of “rest“, deliberately exaggerate the seriousness
of this crisis. Certainly it exists, but pessimists magnify it to justify their reduced activity and lack of initiative. I would say that this  is the worst consequence of unfavorable times and the fear, whether real or artificial, expressed by the slothful. Those who feel this state of mind should refrain from disclosing their thoughts: as we know, negativity is contagious. Instead, there is a small minority who doesn’t care too much about today difficulties and who knows that in times like this we must invest more energy than we are used to do in “normal“ times. Fortunately, Meritalia and its leaders belong to this last category. This year at Salone del Mobile we feature a new model of sofa “Il Giullare“ (The Jester). As you know, jesters of various courts in past times served to defuse and present points of view, less serious side stressed and anxious positive, optimistic and successful, all crowned by heavy doses of irony and good humor. This new product for my Meritalia wants to evoke what I have just said. Finally I would like to tell the remote history of this project. In 1992 I had the opportunity to refurbish the interiors of an apartment in New York, on Park Avenue. The owner, Ruth Shuman, at the time was cooperating, helping and actively supporting the “Big Apple Circus“ in Manhattan. This inspired me an object of Ruth’s house; In fact, I asked to upholster an old couch so that the back cushions were highly extended like trunks. So who had the opportunity to sit down could adjust them behind their back the easy way. On top of these long noses of elephant I made to attach “Chinese“ balls or rattles. This ensemble evoked the circus world and in particular a figure: the clown's hat which, backwards, comes from the one of the jester.
Here's the premise of  “Il Giullare“, its origin.”

Gaetano Pesce, February 2011