area 108 | Mexico City

architect: DMP Arquitectura

location: Mexico City

year: 2007

Finishing off a alley of a popular colony in the skirts of the Ajusco, the house of three plants tries to integrate itself to the context with a material of deep indirect labor cost, block of concrete. The scheme was thought to take advantage of the maximum line of vision the land in the spaces public within a land of 87 sqm and with limited budget. One accedes through a vestibule with view to a small patio with vegetation and stones taken from the land, same that extends the line of vision of the room-hungry to double height. In the second level is a open study to a terrace contained by a tree of a contiguous estate. This one constructed prototype of progressive house is focused the population that has access on credits among USD $ 40.000 and 50.000 with income of 8,5 to 11 minimum wages. Within estates located in the limits of consolidated urban in Mexico City. It must like main objective offer space quality like unquestionable method to improve the quality of life of the people inhabit who it. To offer spaces that they urge the reflection; that they suggest, as says I walk, solitude and spiritual freedom.

We are a group of professionals that worked with a common idea, designers and constructors who we see the architecture of global way. we conceive non-existent spaces and places (open or closed) through practical, functional and economic constructions. We create in the expression of the materials and of the vegetation accompanies that them, we think that the architecture must of being comfortable and know that it is in himself a utilitarian object.