area 129 | urban architecture

architect: Mathias Klotz, Renzo Alvano, Pablo Riquelme

location: Valparaiso, Chile

year: 2012

Hotel Astoreca has been the subject of a competition, with the purpose of renovating an old building in a part of the harbour of Valparaiso that has been declared Unesco World Heritage.
In our project we have decided to build a new wing at the back of the existing building, with new rooms, a wellness centre and vertical connections, in order to free the old structures from these obligations which would have ruined the original architecture. The process has taken a lot of time (eight years) during which there has been a change of ownership, litigations with neighbours, an earthquake, difficult relationships with the National Council of Monuments, a lot of help from the municipal labour department and infinite patience on the part of the client. Once the works have been completed the result has fortunately enjoyed widespread public recognition, and the very same parties who have been attacking us for years now quote it as an example of restoration and urban upgrading in areas of historical interest.