architect: Penda

location: Hong Kong, China

year: 2016

The project describes a space for storing and selling paintings in a tower located at the centre of Hong Kong. Given the program of an infrequently used space, Penda introduce a suitcase-like box made out of matte-reflecting copper panels. The box can be fully opened and integrated in the space; thus, after the paintings are shown, the box can be fully folded up to secure the artwork when the space is unoccupied. The box is made out of copper and inhabits a sliding drawer for artwork, a cozy couch, a bar, a beamer and a working desk. Leaving the rest of the space in untouched rough concrete, the copper objects capture attention, reflecting natural light in a warm, red tone. The project is scheduled to start construction after Chinese Spring Festival in February.

200 mq
Project Team: Chris Precht, Sun Dayong, Bai Xue, Quan He, Li Pengchong