Scrigno continues its study of transparency and new functions: Essential Trial is a counter-frame born out of the evolution of Essential and Essential Dual. An innovative product of elegant design, capable of containing, in a single disappearing box, three sliding panels of glass connected together by a drawing
system. The perfect solution in all those cases in which only a small amount of space is available on the wall to contain the counter-frame but large openings are wanted to ensure greater permeability of space and more even distribution of light.

Scrigno Essential Trial

Essential Trial creates a perfect sheet of glass, a “picture” of light without a frame, because engineering of the components has permitted elimination of
jambs and casings and perfect flush mounting of the upper track. This ensures perfect harmonisation in the wall, leaving the surface free of all finishes. Plaster
or plasterboard is applied directly over the new aluminium profiles, and simply painting the profiles the same colour as the walls completes the aesthetic result.

Trial 2

Sophisticated details and accessories add to the quality of the overall appearance, in which the sliding glass doors create an overlapping of layers and
diaphragms of tone-on-tone colour establishing an ever-changing dialogue of light made up of reflections and transparencies. Essential Trial is available in a version with a single door for masonry walls 140 mm thick and for plasterboard walls 160 mm thick, with spans of 1,650 to 2,850 mm in width and up to 2,400 mm high.