The biggest collection of electronic bidets on the market, including 16 seats (6 styles and 3 forms) and 14 toilets for 64 possible combinations; the guarantee of advanced technology and quality materials; a complete range of accessories and complements for a customised toilet shower.

Uspa is an electric seat which is assembled on the toilet with two retractable nozzles for washing both front and back. The device not only washes but dries, as well as deodorising the room with an active carbon aspirator fan. The seat has a side panel or remote control for adjusting all the settings to ensure the utmost comfort. The intensity of the jet of water can be varied (5 levels), as can the water temperature (3 levels) and drying air temperature (5 levels), with the aid of a series of pre-set programmes. Made of antibacterial plastic, Uspa also has a heated seat and a clutch device for lowering the toilet seat and lid silently. As well as an on sensor and an intelligent energy-saving device, additional side buttons for use when the remote control is temporarily unavailable, a deodoriser and continuous water heating.

The top-level performance of this technology is combined with vast potential for customisation, made easy with a configurator available on the company’s web site to help customers, professionals and sales staff in the showroom identify the best seat + toilet combination for their needs. The range is diverse, including a series of models sharing total hygiene and outstanding performance, guaranteed in both the super-accessorised version, model UB-7035R, or a simpler one for washing only, model UB-7000.
Uspa technology makes for easy installation on toilets already in place with standard measurements for good adaptability to the toilets on the market.
Uspa is an ecological product, because it permits near-total elimination of use of toilet paper with consumption of only a limited amount of water, helping cut consumption of resources.