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On February 2014, the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts and City Park Property Development Zrt. announced an international competition for the design of five buildings to be built in the City Park, the site of the larger European project of museum development. More than 470 projects were submitted in May 2014, 17 were selected for the second phase and a jury of 11 members made up of representatives of Hungarian and foreign museums and professional architects evaluated them. The winning projects belongs to the following categories: Ethnographic Museum, House of Hungarian Music, FotoMuzeum Budapest and the Hungarian House of Architecture. We are publishing the outcome of the contest for theHouse of Hungarian Music.

typology: two phases design competition
prize organization: Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, City Park Property Development Zrt.
selection for the second phase: 08 july 2014
results: 22 december 2014

László Baán
Edwin Heatcote
Sándor Finta
György Fekete
Zsolt Füleky
László György Saros
Eva Jiricna
Klaus Albrecht Schröder
Paula Cadima
Roueda Ayache
Juhani Katainen

winner: Sou Fujimoto Architects


2nd prize: ARCVS
3rd prize: AVA - Andrea Vattovani Architecture
finalist: 3H Építésziroda
finalist: KLAIR Architecture
finalist: Kengo Kuma & Associates