Cameo and Ciak: two words borrowed from the world of Italian cinema to identify two collections of indoor downlights from the house of L&L Luce&Light. The analogy is a little tongue in cheek, though it has clear references to the subject of lighting in the case of Cameo. This name, of course, takes its inspiration from the idea of a brief appearance by someone famous in film or theatre, a concept synonymous with putting someone or something “in the spotlight”, enhancing or highlighting them. This intrinsic meaning is clearly expressed by the features of Cameo, the new line of recessed downlights designed for use in plasterboard niches or false ceilings in residential settings. The downlights have fixed optics, tiltable optics (±20°), or manual zoom lens and tiltable optics.  In the tiltable versions, the optical unit can rotate by up to 360°, to deliver precise pointing by adjusting the light beam. The entire Cameo range uses Power LEDs or Power LEDs High Intensity depending on the model; all the light sources have a high colour rendering index of CRI >90, to bathe illuminated object in brilliant colours. Cameo is available with a white or black finish, or an RAL finish on request.

Cameo’s application concept is shared with its sibling Ciak, a line of adjustable, recessed downlights whose optical unit can be rotated through 350° around its horizontal axis, and pulled out and tilted vertically by up to 70°, so that the light beam can be directed with great precision. Ciak, too, uses Power LEDs with a high colour rendering index of CRI>90.
Thanks to its particularly low height, Ciak is suited for use in the retail sector, where it can be positioned and installed in shallow shelves such as those in shop windows and display cabinets. Ciak has won the prestigious German Design Award 2019 with the special mention “Excellent Product Design Lighting”.