area 119 | gaetano pesce

architect: Gaetano Pesce

location: Bahia

year: 1998

Through an expressive use of varied materials, Bahia House is an experiment of architecture that connects with the cultural identity of the place where it is built. Bahia (Brazil) has a long, multi-layered physical and human history. New discoveries take place by the simultaneous experience of contrasting cultural contexts.  In Bahia’s case, indigenous people, colonialism, slavery, lush countryside, staggering beauty, all intertwined over time. A figurative, not abstract, response is the only sane, humane response to the site’s history. Six varied, independent, but linked structures made of different materials, for example: local natural rubber (scented with eucalyptus) or modern resins or a mixture of glass, recycled pieces and concrete. So this compound that Gaetano Pesce designed involves many senses and bears recognizable signs of the Animal world, of Nature, and of Humans.