The space of well-being - text by Carlo Vannicola

letture critiche/critical lectures
Designed wellness - text by Vincenzo Cristallo

scenari di architettura/architectural scenario
Isay Weinfeld - Fazenda Boa Vista Spa
Simone Micheli - Monasteri Golf Resort
Simone Micheli - Parco Acque ai Cappuccini
Panorama - Sauna
Carmody Groarke - Underground Spa
Mario Botta - Plaza and Thermal Centre
Drucker arquitetos associados - Makenna Resort
a21studĩo - 9 spa
Giorgieri Studio - Orbetello Camping Village
Basiches Arquitetos - FIT2YOU Boutique Fitness
Playoffice - Blue Gym
Supermachine Studio - Bangkok University Student Activity Centre

esiti concorsi/competitions

recensioni mostre e libri/exhibition and book reviews

new media

The space of well-being

area 133+ | wellness

Carlo Vannicola introduces the space of physical and mental well-being.

Fazenda Boa Vista Spa

area 133+ | wellness

The Spa architecture follows the landscape morphology with a series of spaces, which are diversified by the use of textures and light.


area 133+ | wellness

Wooden sauna with a roofed terrace, in relationship with the stunning landscape of Ranco Lake, Chile

Underground Spa

area 133+ | wellness

Underground wellness space excavated and shaped in the basement of a nineteenth-century mansion.

Plaza and Thermal Centre

area 133+ | wellness

The Spa centre is simultaneously, a wide public space for the swiss village of Rigi Kaltbad, thanks to the overhead square and the connection with the railway system.

Bangkok University Student Activity Centre

area 133+ | wellness

Transfromation of an old dormitory of Bangkok in a multifunctional public building.

area 133 chile

area 133 | chile | design focus: around wood

The issue will be devoted to Chile, a country engaged for years in a sort of urban metamorphosis in response to the fragmented city model determined by the policies of…

Contemporary itineray: Valparaíso and Concepción

area 133 | chile

A look into contemporary architecture in Chile: Valparaíso and Concepción.

From the Apennines to the Andes

area 133 | chile

Marco Casamonti introduces area 133: Chile

Chile, 21st century

area 133 | chile

Miquel Adriá presents the case of Chile, which has burst upon the scene after years on the sidelines, with the most interesting and original architecture in the whole American continent.

Boza-Camus House

area 133 | chile

Boza-Camus House proposes a way of inhabiting the slope around a large patio, turning the house into a lookout platform.

Limache House

area 133 | chile

Three main volumes, with lofty spaces and upper terraces. They worked out in such way that the internal configuration varies case by case.

House in Huentelauquén

area 133 | chile

The “L” shap of the house protects a big platform with exceeds the indoor area, thus producing a public space from a private commission.

Ranco House

area 133 | chile

La forma della casa non interferisce con il panorama: l’edificio si compone di due volumi collegati da un ponte, rispettando così la presenza della roccia e degli alberi.

Gago House

area 133 | chile

A house based on a square floor plan divided into asymmetrical quadrants that spiral up to a height of four storeys.

Quincho Gorro Capucha

area 133 | chile

GrupoTalca and the community of Pinohuacho collaborated to convert its territory devastated by deforestation of native forest and recent volcanic eruptions of the Villarrica volcano.

Villa Verde

area 133 | chile

Arauco is a forestry company that called Elemental office in 2009 to develop a plan to support their workers in the process to have access to their definitive house.

Morandé Winery

area 133 | chile

This project started as a competition masterplan’s first place, which involved territorial planning on a 550 ha land of ravines, water reservoirs, hills and vineyards.

Junquillos Chapel

area 133 | chile

A small chapel and town hall space aims to provide basic thermal, lighting and sheltering conditions for people to gather everyday, all year.

Licantén Public Library

area 133 | chile

The project consists in the recuperation of an old metal shop for trains on the Curicó-Licantén railway branch, abandoned for 20 years, for its transformation into a library.

Lycée María Auxiliadora

area 133 | chile

The project fits in the reconstruction of a building belonging to Lycée Maria Auxiliadora, which was severely damaged by the earthquake of 27/F.

Synthon Laboratory Building

area 133 | chile

The Synthon Laboratory Building project is the result of an international architectural competition performed for this company that settles in Chile in 2009.

Jean Mermoz School and Pavilion

area 133 | chile

The project consists in the remodeling of an existing school and the construction of new programs, with the objective of modernizing its infrastructure and give it a new face.

Children’s Bicentennial Park

area 133 | chile

A four-hectare Children’s Park on the hillside can be considered as the initial phase of a promenade that will be completed in the coming years.