The collective dwelling: yesterday, today, tomorrow testo Marco Casamonti

In the foam of cohabitation/Peter Sloterdijk

letture critiche/critical lectures
City in a Box/Paolo Giardiello

Memories of flats when condo becomes novel

scenari di architettura/architectural scenario
Zon-e Architects/Social Housing for mine-workers
zigzag arquitectura/VIVAZZ
Coco arquitectos/168 Social housing in Madrid
Paredes Pino/41 social dwellings in Vallecas
Rueda Pizarro arquitectos/64 Viviendas Vpp para la Emvs
Somos Arquitectos/123 Social Housing Apartments in Vallecas
Sergi Serrat + Gines Egea + Cristina Garcia/85 Dwellings for the elderly and public facilities
Atelier du Pont/New housing units
A/NM/A/ZAC Grand Large
Henning Larsen Architects/The Wave Residence
C+S Associati/ULH-Urban Lake Houses
Loris Macci, Andrea Giunti/Residential and commercial building
Pietro Carlo Pellegrini/Nuovo edificio residenziale “Resortis“
Kis Péter építészmüterme/Práter street
Sako Architects/BUMPS
Shared, public, invisible but perceptible/Daria Ricchi

cantiere/building site
Steven Holl Architects/Sliced Porosity Block

i29/Home 07

Formafantasma/Nodus Rug

Condominium bibliographical journey
itinerario contemporaneo/contemporary itinerary Tirana itinerary

esiti concorsi/competitions

recensioni mostre e libri/exhibition and book reviews

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The collective dwelling: yesterday, today, tomorrow

area 118 | condominium

Studio Archea, Firenze Nova Residential Complex, 2006-2010 – photo by Tommaso Bovo Any entity, institution, school, any magazine, study centre or more simply, any designer interested in analyzing the disciplinary…

In the foam of cohabitation – The apartment as autogenous bubble of co-isolated existence

area 118 | condominium

Those who studies the history of modern architecture in relation to the forms of life found in a mediatized society will immediately realize that the two most successful architectural innovations…

City in a box

area 118 | condominium

A certain kind of literature, usually defined as “science fiction”, has very often observed human conduct and desires so crudely as to profile it with the greatest truthfulness and the…

Memories of flats – when condo becomes novel

area 118 | condominium

He leaned out over the rail and peered up at the face of the building, carefully counting the balconies. As usual, though, the dimensions of the forty-storey block made his…

Mine-workers Houses

area 118 | condominium

This project comes up from a tendering process to build state subsidized housing in Cerredo (Asturias), a mining town located in the very heart of the Cantabrian Mountains where no…


area 118 | condominium

We proposed a return to the origins of the site. An inner world that takes us back to the fields that could no longer be seen, an urban room with…

168 Social Housing

area 118 | condominium

photo by Ignacio Izquierdo This project is the result of the winning 1st prize in a competition promoted by the Municipal Housing Agency in Madrid, to build 168 social dwelling….

41 Social Dwellings in Vallecas

area 118 | condominium

I have always been a linear block. I was aware, from the very first moment, of what the regulations said about my future: “Building an open linear block.“ The shape…

64 Apartments for Vpp

area 118 | condominium

To build in environments as the ville of Vallecas means discovering new codes, dialogue with new monuments of the “city entropic“ portrayed by Robert Smithson in the late 60‘s in…

123 Social Housing Apartments

area 118 | condominium

The project raises eight floors above the ground along one of the limits of the block imposed by the restrained urban planning. The great scale of the building forces it…

85 Dwellings

area 118 | condominium

The site is located on the east vertex of “La Clota” park, on the north edge of Barcelona. It’s located in a transition area with a considerable slope, inbetween the…

New Housing Units

area 118 | condominium

This large block of 8 flats merges smoothly into the heterogeneity of the Impasse Daunay cul-de-sac. Facing the street, the textured glass skin covering the facades pays discreet homage to…

ZAC Grand Large

area 118 | condominium

The Grand Large district lies in a special urban context: between the city and the sea, between seaside resort aesthetic and port aesthetic, and between residential and communal. It prolongs…

The Wave Residence

area 118 | condominium

The new landmark of Vejle is a distinctive residential building of nine storeys with a magnificent location by the bay Skyttehusbugten and Vejle Fjord. With its five characteristic wave crests,…

ULH-Urban Lake Houses

area 118 | condominium

photos by Alessandra Bello, Luca Casonato Ancient Wisdom, rather Cosmic So-shu dreamed, And having dreamed that he was a bird, a bee and a butterfly, He was uncertain why he…

Residential Building

area 118 | condominium

The project area is located alongside Via Roma and a private street that define its eastern and southern borders, respectively, while it is bordered by another private property on its…

“Resortis” building

area 118 | condominium

The project consists of the construction of 22 apartments in a building plot in the old city centre of Fiesole, in the area referred to as the former slaughterhouse. The…

Práter Street

area 118 | condominium

The final building outline was determined by the scale and proportion of the sorrounding buildings. We didn’t want to form blocks that oppress their environment. Our primary aim was to…


area 118 | condominium

photo by Beijing NDC Studio, INC., Misae Hiromatsu ‘BUMPS in Beijing’ is an integrated project with four residences as well as a commercial building. The traditional residence buildings in China…

Shared, public, invisible but perceptible

area 118 | condominium

Meteorological Architecture After decades of concrete architecture, where the private and individual interests of the players have replaced the progressive plans and the moral commitment that have characterized modernism, architecture…

Sliced Porosity Block

area 118 | condominium

The Sliced Porosity Block, CapitaLand China‘s new Raffles City in Chengdu, is a hybrid of different functions like a giant chunk of a metropolis. It will be located just south…

Home 07

area 118 | condominium

This single-family apartment for four people is situated in a stately building in southern Amster-dam, NL. The original structure, with rooms for staff, a double hall and long hallways with…


area 118 | condominium

Formafantasma area: Simone Farresin and Andrea Trimarchi, also known as “Formafantasma”. Where does the name come from? Formafantasma: We are very fond of our name, Formafantasma, because we chose it…

contemporary itinerary: Tirana

area 118 | condominium