Temporary architecture, freedom architecture
text by Marco Casamonti

Phenomenon not fact: the potential of temporary architecture
text by Aaron Betsky

letture critiche/critical lectures
Archisable architecture laboratory
text by Tina Bloch

scenari di architettura/architectural scenario

MVRDV/The Podium
text by MVRDV
photo by MVRDV

Taylor Knights/Pink Pond
text by National Gallery of Victoria
photo by Tom Ross, Derek Swalwell

OJO estudio/Invert the Pyramid
text by OJO estudio
photo by Oriol Gómez, Arnau Marimon, Gorokan

Cássio Sauer, Elisa T. Martins [sauermartins] + Mauricio Mendez/Pabellón Concéntrico
text by sauermartins
photo Josemas Cutillas

Matteo Ghidoni, Enrico Dusi/ A DOME
text by Matteo Ghidoni, Enrico Dusi
photo by Josema Cutillas, Javier Anton, Matteo Ghidoni

text by DOSIS
photo by Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero

Huang Zelin·Aether Architects/ Air Mountain
text by Huang Zelin·Aether Architects
photo by Zhang Chao

Selgascano/Selgascano Pavillion
text by Selgascano
photo by Iwan Baan

Jon Lott-Para Project /Brugge Diptych
text by Jon Lott
photo by Iwan Baan, Stijn Bollaert

Spatial Anatomy/Green Agora
text by Spatial Anatomy
photo by Fabian Ong

Kéré Architecture/ Sarbalé Ke
text by Kéré Architecture
photo by Iwan Baan

Herzog & de Meuron/56 Leonard Street
text by Herzog & de Meuron
photo by Iwan Baan, Hufton+Crow

OMA/Prada FW21 Women’s and Men’s Show
text by OMA
photo by Agostino Osio, Alberto Moncada

Random Studio/Le Bleu
text by Random Studio
photo by Jasper Fry

Smiljan Radic/Museo en Campaña
text by Javier González Pesce
photo by Galería Gabriela Mistral, Smiljan Radic

Lonely Living.
The architecture of primary space text by Carlo Terpolilli
photo by Luca Campigotto,
Pietro Savorelli

Katharina Grosse and the material of the ephemeral:
constructing space with color
text by Costanza Savelloni

Li.M.A.E_ temporary residential modules in Livorno
text by Anna Bartolaccio

bibliographical journey
edited by Aldo De Poli

itinerario contemporaneo/contemporary itinerary
edited by Alessandro Achille, Elisa Cecconi

esiti concorsi/competitions
text by Alessandro Massarente