Bahia house

119 | gaetano pesce

architect: Gaetano Pesce

location: Bahia

year: 1998

Through an expressive use of varied materials, Bahia House is an experiment of architecture that connects with the cultural identity of the place where it is built. Bahia (Brazil) has a long, multi-layered physical and human history. New discoveries take place by the simultaneous experience of contrasting cultural contexts.  In Bahia’s case, indigenous people, colonialism, slavery, lush countryside, staggering beauty, all intertwined over time. A figurative, not abstract, response is the only sane, humane response to the site’s history. Six varied, independent, but linked structures made of different materials, for example: local natural rubber (scented with eucalyptus) or modern resins or a mixture of glass, recycled pieces and concrete. So this compound that Gaetano Pesce designed involves many senses and bears recognizable signs of the Animal world, of Nature, and of Humans.

area 119 – gaetano pesce

          presentazione/introduction Going against the current testo Marco Casamonti editoriale/editorial The noise of time Silvana Annicchiarico letture critiche/critical lectures The Pesce mode / Michael Sorkin The design of…

Going against the current

To exercise the profession and art that Gaetano Pesce makes his livelihood from, and to live it to the fullest, takes a visionary and thus revolutionary ability that is a…

The noise of time

If asked to suggest a figure capable of summarizing, synthetically and paradigmatically, the work of Gaetano Pesce, I would not hesitate: I would say the oxymoron. The coexistence of opposites….

The Pesce mode
Senza Fine Unica,  Meritalia, 2010

Senza Fine Unica,  Meritalia, 2010 At an exhibition of work by Carlo Scarpa years ago I was especially taken by the margins of his working drawings. These were covered with…

UP, B&B, 1969-2000

Abstraction proceeds by degrees. Every representation both pares and substitutes, proposing a way of seeing as well as a vision of its object. Painting and drawing – whether Lascaux or…

Golgotha chair
Chair: Moulded fiberglass, cloth  and polyester resin 45 x 55 x 76 cm;  100 x 45 x 55 cm

The Golgotha suite is a reference to Bible history – to the passion of Christ and The Last Supper – reminding us of the sacramental value that objects had in…

Tramonto/Notturno a New York
Nocturne in New York sofa, 2010. Manufactured by Cassina Polyurethane foam,  wood, dacron 120 x 240 x 110 cm

Sunset in New York Some time ago, we were in New York and I found that this powerful city had grown less stimulating; I was less impressed. I asked myself…

La smorfia
sketches by Gaetano Pesce

La Smorfia (the grimace) Italy is the one region in Europe whose sole natural resource is the creativity of its inhabitants. Today this wealth is mainly expressed through cooking, fashion…

Horse, Mantegna, Palladio cabinet
Horse 2

The three cabinets, “Mantegna,” “Horse“,and “Arquà“ are the fruit of ideas that came to me when I was travelling in Italy in October 2006. At that time I visited the…

Senzafine unica
senzafine unica_1a

“The objects we are surrounded by are becoming more and more our companions in life. We live in an age today that has become very different from when they were…

Sessantuna is formed by sixty-one tables, as 1861, the year of the Unification of Italy. All the tables are numbered in the historical order in which the single territories have joined the new State

An idea to celebrate Italy in its 150th anniversary since the unification. Gaetano Pesce and Cassina have decided to realize a project that is not so much a furniture item…

Edizioni del Pesce
flower vase

“In 1994 I created an activity in New York to produce vases and objects with polyurethane resin, developing a specific know how and an original approach to the material over…

Il giullare

“For more than two years we are going through a severe economic times, but not as much as you hear. Many fearful, or lovers of “rest“, deliberately exaggerate the seriousness…

Italy: the new domestic landscape
The two projets Commune for 2 and Commune for 12 people were presented at the exhibition “Italy: the new domestic landscape“, MoMa, New York, 1972

The discovery of a small subterranean city, belonging to the epoch known “The period of the Great Contaminations”; location: Southern Europe (Alps). The basic living unit of the urban settlement…

Le temps des questions
122-127 temps-1

“Polymorphously perverse” is not normally a term that pops to mind when discussing architectural innovation, but when it comes to the exuberant, messy work of Gaetano Pesce, space has many…

L‘Italia in croce
The first idea of “L‘italia in Croce“ dates back to 1976, year of the above drawing. The project at that moment wasn‘t realized for the tricky policy situation of those years

The first idea of “L‘italia in Croce“ dates back to 1976, year of the above drawing. The project at that moment wasn‘t realized for the tricky policy situation of those…

La torre pluralista

It has often been said that “when the spirit, the content of a work of art is lacking, the form prevails”. I have been convinced for years that this sentence…

The organic building
photo by John Paul See

The goal of this project was to create a new typology, a vertical garden. The nine-story building’s red steel panel exterior incorporates a system of small bays with controlled irrigation and drainage that…

The house may  be defined as a portrait  of the Venetian couple who ordered this project, and aims to remind  of their semblances

Is it not surprising that present-day architectural expression has not yet taken advantage of all that happened in the culture in the Fifties and Sixties of last century? Pop art,…

Pink pavilion
Pink pavilion

Architecture, as any other human activity, needs to progress. I hope this Pink Pavilion will make us think about the urgent necessity of innovation in its many necessary guises -…

Ponte sullo stretto di Messina
Each pylon represents an Italian region and it's culture, its traditions, its art and its products

1. The bridge with the “S“ shape to slow speed and to remember the initial of Sicily. 2. The bridge supported by 20 pillars as there are Italian Regions. 3….

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