architect: Ill-Studio and Stéphane Ashpool

location: Paris

year: 2015

The Pigalle Duperré court is A 480 square meters composition made of paint, epdm rubber, metal and plexiglas designed by Ill-Studio in collaboration with Stéphane Ashpool in the hearth of Paris. Whilst the piece reminds the Ill-Studio's abstract and geometrical style through the rigorous shapes and strong colors it is also a nod to Malevic's painting "Les Sportifs" that has been the starting point of their reflection. The interesting contrast between the location and this giant art piece makes the intervention very peculiar, as well as the choice of colors, shapes, materials. Overall the project is an important action to return Paris a vibrant, vital spot, a place of socialization inside a what it has been for long time, a useless dismissed area of the city. A place which acquire a new identity, transforming itself from a urban void to a basketball court opened to all kids to play on.