area 138 | MOCKBA 2.0

architect: Proekt Meganom

location: Moscow

year: 2008

The street promenade leads to a theater. The interior of the foyer forms a continuation of the theater square.
A deep facade of wooden blades, designed in a wave-shape, gives the building dynamics, while remaining stable. The motion effect is observed by both the theater visitors walking around the foyer and people looking from their cars.
The transformer hall can operate in four modes: as a theater, a cabaret, and a stage for fashion shows or presentations. Hall transformation is provided by eight hydraulic mechanisms, which can lower or raise the floor platforms by five meters. When modified for theatrical performances, the hall can accommodate about 600 people in the stalls and over fifty in the seventeen VIP-boxes, located two levels above the ground, with a special bar on the second level. The theater interiors were created by architect Antonio Citterio.