architect: REIMERS RISSO

year: 2019

The house was designed for 4 possibilities of expansion, the need to propose changes that guarantee adaptability and the possibility of them being made by the occupier with complete independence was one of the premises. This is a house that includes photographic studio, with extensions that adapt to public uses such as workshops and expo.
In a first initial stage, a minimum domestic space is proposed, the remaining extensions remain latent in the resolution of the structure, both from a technical and spatial point of view.

The objective is to define structural and constructive systems that become opportunities, growth spaces and possible transformations. They are thought freely, openly to allow future concretions. Facilities must support changes and updates. The inhabitant is fundamental in the project process, since her future intervention – in the concretion of her habitat – is one of the fundamental issues to decide the construction systems, the house must adapt to her future needs, it must be able to be improved. Housing designed under the condition of adaptability implies conceiving it no longer as a finished product, but as a support. A house that is in its initial phase offers minimum benefits, but has been designed to incorporate new terminations, better equipement and future contributions from our user. In this way, economic and material resources are also optimized.