area 101 | álvaro siza

architect: Álvaro Siza

location: Panticosa, Spain

year: 2001

This project, currently under construction, was devised by Siza for Particosa in the Spanish Pyrenees. Construction of the spa in Particosa has only recently begun thanks to the considerable financial contribution of several banks. However, financing suddenly dried up as a result of the economic crisis and work had to be interrupted. We hope that Particosa does not turn out to be another Bouca! The complex in question is articulated around some pre-existing buildings – a church, a casino, an old villa, a bathing station, hotels, a power plant – all situated by an artificial lake surrounded on three sides by spectacular mountains. The project involves articulating around these buildings new structures for sport, wellness, various therapeutic activities, relaxation and holidays, to which this idyllic place seems predestined. Siza’s project involves two apartment blocks, whose structural elements have already been completed, and a large building to accommodate the spa, hotel reception, the sports facilities and a bar-restaurant. The construction of this building is near completion and appears particularly promising. We hope to see it completed soon to be able to fully appreciate the architectural qualities that already shine through.

architect: Álvaro Siza Vieira
collaborators: Matthias Heskamp (basic project coordinator), Miguel Nery (project coordinator), José M. Pelegrín (project and work coordinator,) Ola Boman, Patricia Teixeira, Álvaro Fonseca, Elisa Toshi Martins, Yohsuke kanemaki
structures: Jorge Nunes, Ana Silva
electric and fire systems: Alexandre Martins
water system: Eng Raquel Fernandes
mechanical system: Raúl Bessa
property developer: Miguel Ángel Manzano
clerk of works: Manuel Velasco (first phase), Carlos Pérez (second phase)
client: Luis Nozaleda Arenas Entidad Aguas De Panticosa SA
location: Balneario de Panticosa, Huesca, Spain
project: 2005
start of work: July 2006
building surface: 4222 sqm