area 106 | simplicity

architect: OLGGA Architects

location: everywhere

year: 2009

The flake house, a nomadic, road-gauged dwelling, has been conceived to clad the places wherever it lands, as to transpose theses in an unusual vision. A poetical shelter, a “folie”, that merges low-tech and hi-tech. The interior finish is smooth and stripped down as to contrast with the traditional look of the external  log cladding.
OLGGA sets-up its flake house on the Festival Estuaire 2009 à Nantes. Created in 2006 for the competition “Petites machines à habiter” held by the  CAUE 72, OLGGA’ proposal for this nomadic wooden shelter is based on the concept of the «folie», where the wooden structure is broken in two halves establishing a radical spatial boundary while materializing an unexpected entry sequence.
An object, recalling a broken branch, whose unconventional scale is the main idea of the project: to be built-up, taken down, moved, put down, left behind  or taken along, inhabited or left to it’s surrounding. First a short-listed entry in the competition that gave birth to the concept, then winner of the “Lauriers de la construction bois” of the Salon du Bois in Grenoble in 2007, the flake house cause curiosity and desire.
This year, it is in Nantes that it will lay home between the 5 june and 16 august at the Festival Estuaire Nantes/St Nazaire organized by the Lieu Unique. The Flake house will be located on the site of Frossay (Le Carnet). I.C.I.! (Instant Carnet Island) is a temporary refuge of micro-architectures and light habitat meeting based on the bank of the Loire and open to anybody.
At the end of the festival, the flake house will find a new owner... The units will be on auction via internet.

OLGGA architects is a multidisciplinary agency federated around 3 different personalities with different yet complimentary backgrounds and studies. OLGGA embodies an evolving and dynamic collective. Alice Vaillant and Guillaume Grenu, co-founders, are representing the parisian office since february 2006, founding date of the agency. Nicolas Le Meur completes the team since 2008, with an office in Lille. Gathered around the same pleasure to create, their architectural approach is experimental and optimistic. Highly concerned with the impact of architecture and urbanism in our contemporary societies, every project is conceived around a central, strong idea that serves each location. To conceive systematically around the notions of topography and boundaries is for them a leitmotiv. The spaces and forms are often bold, almost radical, but always designed with sensibility and simplicity in mind.