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On Moscow: a necessary preface

The introduction of Marco Casamonti to area 138 illustrates the research done to draft a new issue on the architecture in Moscow following that of 2008, area 96.

Chinese Identities

Marco Casamonti introduces area 137 issue: chinese identity. A reflection on contemporary chinese architecture.

Chinese art between rubble and shards

Demetrio Paparoni writes about the generation of Chinese artists who appeared on the artistic scene in China in the second half of the Eighties have found themselves face to face with heaps of rubble.

Fundamentals for Architecture

Marco Casamonti introduces area 136: "Elements".

Elements of Architecture: Delirious Venice

A critical reading of the hypothesis proposed by Rem Koolhaas in the exhibition "Elements of Architecture", analyzed through the fundamentals of architecture.

Grafts, a central issue in the contemporary debate

Introduction to "Grafts"

The value of the client

Marco Casamonti introduces area 134: Clients

To display, exhibit and transmit information in the Internet Age

Marco Casamonti introduces area 132 "exhibition"

Storm King Art Center

The Storm King Art Center park land founded by H. Peter Stern e Ralph E. Ogden in 1960. To follow an interview to David R. Collens.

From the Apennines to the Andes

Marco Casamonti introduces area 133: Chile

Chile, 21st century

Miquel Adriá presents the case of Chile, which has burst upon the scene after years on the sidelines, with the most interesting and original architecture in the whole American continent.

la verità del falso

The adjective “artificial” is normally used to indicate something negative. Its semantic area is vast and complex, with countless meanings that may however be retraced to the fundamental sense of the un-true. One only...