area 113 | benedetta tagliabue embt

architect: Benedetta Tagliabue embt (Miralles Tagliabue EMBT)

location: Barcelona, Spain

year: 2007

The basic idea to start with is the preservation and revitalization of the most of the industrial complex  in competition, a valuable architectonic heritage, by introducing a new intervention in the same way industrial architecture has always done. This intervention takes place in a space which has already been inhabited, which has been used as a working space for more than 150 years and which has a memory that we would like to transfer. The project has been developed from the will and the experience of learning from it, to let the project talk by itself, that everything that has survived inspire us, from the typological structure to the tiny details of the memory, found objects or graffiti. It consists, in short, of making the most of the geometrical and historical values of the existing architecture, but also its quality of composition, implementing it with all open and closed spaces, services and installations required for a contemporary public building and the environment. The aim of the project is to enhance the quality of the public spaces that the industrial complex already has. These public spaces have to be strengthened  so that public space becomes the anteroom of the public building. Every single architectural renovation entails a renovation of its surrounding area. The quality of the public space is therefore considered, the starting point. In this sense, two fluxes depending on two morphologies or urban patterns are detected: the one which appears from the agricultural memory of the site; and the other which is related to the lineal grid of the Eixample of Cerdà, which included the industrial complex a few years after its creation.