area 138 | MOCKBA 2.0

architect: Boris Bernaskoni Architectural Bureau

location: Moscow

year: 2014

ARC is an architectural and spatial research; it is built on the border between forest and field. It’s a hybrid that performs several functions: a portal, a triumphal arch, an observation deck, a bar, and a well. You can climb up the spiral staircase. A narrow staircase with one stop in the “Artist’s room” goes downstairs. Every year the room space is transformed into an art installation.
ARC is made of six-meter board according to the principles of non-waste production. All cuttings are used as structural elements.
ARC has a rectangular form both on the plan and facades, the portal has an acute angle cut, construction is painted in black. ARC got a special mention of Architizer A+ Awards in the Landscape and Parks category.