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area 151 – microarchitecture

area 151 | microarchitecture
presentazione/introduction Small works text by Marco Casamonti intervista/interview Microarchitecture and minimal habitat a dialogue with Michele De Lucchi interview by Laura Andreini letture critiche/critical lectures Microarchitecture or macrodesign? Temporary Italian design for emergency text...

area 150 – havana

area 150 | havana
presentazione/introduction Havana: from restoration to renewal text by Marco Casamonti panorama/panorama mappa satellitare Havana XX-XXI° century: a timeline edited by Umberto Zanetti, Paloma Herrero Ermakova editoriale/editorial La Habana: roots, revolution and future text...


presentazione/introduction A part worth the whole text by Marco Casamonti editoriale/editorial The practice of architecture, with and without buildings text by Rowan Moore interviste/interviews From the outside in: epiphanies and indeterminacies interview...

area 148 – addition

area 148 | addition
presentazione/introduction Reflections on the earthquake disaster - text by Marco Casamonti editoriale/editorial Reflection on the art of incomplete - text by Françoise Bollack saggi/essays Building on buildings - text by Juan Domingo...

area 147 – sacred grounds

area 147 | sacred grounds
presentazione/introduction The architecture of sacred space and the search for a needed sacredness text by Marco Casamonti editoriale/editorial Post-conciliar catholic churches text by Paolo Portoghesi letture critiche/critical lectures Re-Imagining sacred signs text...

area 146 – children

area 146 | children
presentazione/introduction Architecture for all text by Marco Casamonti editoriale/editorial The school as a civic laboratory  for the future text by Luca Molinari saggi/essays The nursery school “Dr. Senatore Borletti” by Marco Zanuso in...

area 145+ living tools

area 145+ | living tools
          editoriale/editorial Essential Tools of Living text by Paolo Giardiello design/design Living Tools: Kitchen i29 interior architects/Invisible Kitchen - text by i29 interior architects - photo by i29 interior...

area 145 – underworld

area 145 | underworld
          presentazione/introduction A Stone Sky text by Maria Argenti editoriale/editorial Message from the Bowels of the Earth - text by Manfred Sack - photo by Peter Seidel letture critiche/critical...

area 144 – singapore

area 144 | singapore
          presentazione/introduction Singapore: Fifty Years of Solitude text by Marco Casamonti editoriale/editorial Singapore: City Extraordinaire in the Making… Still text by Lai Choo Malone-Lee With Singapore, it is not...

area 143 – ELEMENTAL

area 143 | ELEMENTAL
          presentazione/introduction Elemental: Architecture as Strategy text by Marco Casamonti letture critiche/critical lectures The Communicator text by Justin McGuirk intervista/interview The Power of Synthesis interview by Laura Andreini scenari di architettura/architectural...

area 142 – facade

area 142 | facade
          presentazione/introduction The Facade: the role and autonomy of the face - text by Marco Casamonti - photo by Pietro Savorelli antologia/anthology Facade Anthology - edited by Laura...

area 141 – vacation

area 141 | vacation
Case di vacanze, alberghi, spa. Il numero estivo di Area è dedicato all'architettura finalizzata al tempo libero, al benessere e alle vacanze.