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Focus Bathroom

essay Alfonso Morone Paolo Giardiello interview Roberto Lazzeroni, Andrea Lupi zoom Duravit per uno spazio di grandi contrasti! object Tavola, Tavoletta, Andrea Crosetta/Antrax Texture Collection, Meneghello Paolelli Associati/Fima Carlo Frattini Azuley, Meneghello Paolelli Associati/Artceram SML, Grohe design department/Grohe Focus, Hidra design department/Hidra Milanoslim, Franco Sargiani/Fantini Bucket, Giovanna Talocci/Scarabeo Intersezione,...

Mediterranean: ceramics in architecture between crafts and production

In the early Fifties Paolo Soleri, Agli inizi degli anni Cinquanta Paolo Soleri, After transforming a small bus into his first travelling home-studio, he began a journey across the peninsula, during which he also visited the Amalfi coast. While staying at Vietri sul mare to learn the ancient art of ceramics, he met the Solimene family of ceramists.

A shared intimacy

The bathroom is a place in an architectural interior strongly conditioned by its use, which requires a high performance and specific devices. It is a matter of a function which Le Corbusier reinterprets in his project villa Savoye.

ILBagno, a bourgeois collection from the idea to the product: Roberto Lazzeroni and Andrea...

ILBagno is the latest collection by antoniolupi. An interview to Roberto Lazzeroni, the collection'sdesigner and Andrea Lupi.

Casalgrande Padana. Advanced, sustainable surfaces

A journey into the world of Casalgrande Padana: A city within a city, with well-defined functions, a clear and hierarchically consolidated system and perfect, flexible logistics.