area 116 | Norway

architect: Code architecture

location: Tungeneset, Senja

year: 2008

The Tungeneset-project is part of the Norwegian National tourist routes project; unique drives through the most spectacular contryside Norway has to offer. The National tourist routes are being developed and operated by the Norwegian Public Road Administration as a nationwide project. The Tungeneset-project is the first to be opened at the Senja-route. Senja is an island in the north of Norway, the project is located at the tip of an penninsula between two fjords. The view is spectacular, with the North sea to the west and the Okshornan-peaks to the north. The project starts at a carpark, directly by the road. The railings by the carpark is lit up in winter, to mark the area, and also to limit the use this time of year. From there a 80m long structure makes its way down towards the barbecue area, located on the costal rocks. The first 35m of the structure is a concrete ramp following the slope between the road and the coastal rock. At the end of the concrete ramp, there is a small viewpoint; the safest place to stop on days with bad weather. From there the structure continues as a wooden bridge, floating over the rocks. The bridge and its irregular railings is an echo of the way it feels move through this type of terrain. The bridge ends in the barbeque area, where different sitting arrangements gives room for several ways of use. The grey concrete has the same colour as the rocks, and looks like it is cut out of it. The wood is core wood of Siberian Larch, witch is very weather resistant and will turn silvery grey in time.